Two Clans One Family

We were founded in December of 2012 by a fellowship who desired a retreat that was a laid back community , but had an internal strength and wisdom pulled from all its members, so we started our first clan Bohemian Grove. In July 2013 we started our second clan Court of Owls to expand our community for new members and to give a home to others we already knew. We may not all be related by blood or bond but call each of us friends and family. The Parliament is a very active, devoted group with representation from all over the world.

Bohemian Grove and Court of Owls Requirements

1. 18+ years old
2. Town Hall 8 or Town Hall 7, base should be upgraded to reflect Town hall level, including walls.
3. Be active in both the clan and our website, it would only be a disservice to you not to experience all sides of the Parliament.
4. Fill out the application on the website, under the JOIN US button.

Browls Life